Clients 2013
Billy-Joe is very intelligent  but his mother is a
widow and can't afford to send him to send him
to university....

This year Billy-Joe became a Bahay ng Pag-asa
scholar studying accountancy at
Isabella State University.

We wish him good luck!
A very proud moment for us all.   

Aldrin  is the young man who came to us for help when he lost
two of his fingers whilst working as a butch in the local market.     

Not only did we pay for his hospital treatment we also sent him to
school to follow a less dangerous career …
   He chose to study I.T.
I am delighted to be able to tell you that Aldrin graduated this year
and now has a job so he is able to support his widowed mother
and his eight brothers and sisters.

Thank you for supporting Aldrin and changing so many lives.
Aldrin's Graduation
Your donated baby
toiletries, toys and jumpers
we given to local needy
Books and toys donated to
local school...

Thank you for your