Clients 2012
Nestor studied nursing until
his father suffered a stroke,
then Nestor had to be come
the family breadwinner.
He became a courier until one
fateful day when he was hit
by a truck!
The family asked if Bahay ng Pag-asa
also with the on going expenses for
transportation to hospital and
My answer of course was yes!
It is likely to be 18 months before Nestor is walking again
as he has lost a large piece of bone from the leg.
As Nestor is a "A Class" student
Bahay ng Pag-asa has agreed to sponsor his studies,
he would like to become a teacher and has already
started home study so when he can eventually get to
college again he will be ahead of the game...
Yolly has had two operations for
breast lumps she asked for us for
help when she discovered another
lump after tests and medication the
lump was found to be benign
thank goodness...
Ginny Rose
Ginny Rose is two years old and is blind she also has
behavioural  problems.
We took Ginny to an eye specialist who said that the eyes
are fine but unfortunately the signal from the eyes is not
being transmitted to the brain and referred us to a
specialist in Manila...  
The mother is a single parent and very poor.
We help with transport, expenses and consultant fees in
There is no cure for Ginny,
but we will continue to help to the best of our ability   
Roberto has cataracts we
took him to the eye specialist

Who very kindly sees our
patients without charge

He very kindly arranged for
Roberto to have his cataracts
removed free of charge!
Lita also has cataracts and our
friend the eye specialist also
arranged for her to have them
removed free of charge

We do have some very good
friends in the medical
Thank You !
John Paul
John Paul was hit but a jeepney and suffered head
trauma and remains in a coma the driver gave the
family some money to discharge his responsibility,
but it only just covered the initial hospital fees!
Bahay ng Pag-asa helps with the other fees
and medications.
The CT scan showed that the brain had stopped
bleeding so there was not need to operate and sent
him home!
When I left for the UK John Paul was still in a coma...
Prayers please!
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