May - June 2006

The Clients Update
Fernan Florentino

Sad news!
Fernan who had suffered a brain
hemorrhage and had been in a
coma for several weeks had
recovered sufficiently to be cared
for at home died.

As the family are extremely poor
Bahay ng Pag-Asa assisted with
the funeral costs and we continue
to  visit the family regularly and
help however we can.

Eternal rest grant unto him
O Lord and let perpetual light
shine upon him, may he rest in
peace Amen…
Carmen Cerozo

Carmen's goiter did not respond
to the medication she had been
prescribed and Dr Jade decided it
was necessary to operate, which
he did and very successfully.

Carmen has made a full recovery
and often shows her appreciation
to Bahay ng Pag-Asa for
providing her medications and
Divine Grace
Divine Grace

Of all the update stories I find this the
hardest to relate!

Divine a beautiful two year old suffered
form  asthma and between November
'05 - April '06
she had been confined in hospital five
times with asthma & pneumonia .

Bahay ng Pag-asa had even taken her
to the Philippine General Hospital in
Manila, where she had been confined for
three weeks.

It seemed that what ever we did within a
week or so she was sick again...
With each attack her little lungs were
getting weaker and weaker!
On May 14th Divine’s condition took a turn for the worse.
She was near to death and we were asked to purchase special medicine.
Unfortunately this was not available locally.

So I made a twenty-one hour round trip to Manila to purchase the medicine.
I arrived in Manila with only half an hour to spare before the last bus
returned to Santiago!

Like the crazy woman I am, I ran across a six lane highway shouting at a taxi driver to
take me to the all night pharmacy!
God bless that taxi driver.
Not only did he take me to the pharmacy, but to at least a dozen other pharmacies and
hospitals searching for the medicine!
Eventually a wonderful Dr explained why we could not find it...

The hospital in Santiago had asked for intravenous and this medicine is only in
tablet form!

By this time it was 2.30a.m. But we managed to purchase the precious medicine...
However as we walked back to the taxi my phone rang and I received the very sad news
that whilst I was buying the medicine
Divine Grace passed away….

Of all the heart wrenching cases I have dealt with over the last twelve years,
I personally found this one the most difficult to deal with...
Divine Grace was a beautiful little two year old who lost her life, due to poverty and the
unavailability of genuine affordable medicine........

Eternal rest grant unto her
O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her, may she rest in peace Amen!
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